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Reiner Knizia
Kanga Games

Too Many Cooks 料理廚王
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The Crazy Cookin' Card Game!

It's a hot competition in the kitchen as chefs try to make their signature soups and win the coveted "Gourmet Stars"! Each chef must complete the same set of different soups. But not everyone may be making the same soup each round, and there's only one big pot! Play your cards wisely to get your key ingredients into the pot before each soup is served! Remember, Too Many Cooks can spoil the soup... but a hot chili pepper can ruin the whole pot!

The title, "Too Many Cooks", comes from the popular idiom "Too many cooks spoil the soup." It means if too many people try to work on the same piece of work, it will surely be spoiled. The same runs true for this clever card game by renown game inventor, Reiner Knizia. Players are all chefs, busily trying to complete their own soup, all while sharing the same pot! For most of you, your soup will probably end up being a complete disaster. But, if you make some smart decisions and play your cards right you might just create something absolutely delicious!

沒有東西比得上一碗好湯,特別是當所有人都在煮同一鍋食物時!每位廚師秘密地選做一個不同的湯並競賽誰先完成它,這是一個在廚房的激烈競賽,每個人試著做自己的湯而沒有太多古怪的食材,但是因為只有一鍋湯,誰知道你最後會煮出什麼湯!藉由出足夠的牌來填滿湯鍋而成為第一個完成湯的人,即獲得廚師們夢寐以求的美食家勳章,你的湯越接近你試著要做的食譜,你就會獲得較多的動章! 記住,人多手雜,然而只要一個辣椒,就可以破壞一整鍋好湯!

"Too Many Cooks" 這個名稱源自於一個有名的英文諺語 "Too many cooks spoil the soup." (一堆廚子壞了一鍋湯,即人多嘴雜),這句話的意思是如果太多人試著做一件相同的工作,那一定會搞得一蹋糊塗,這個由知名的遊戲設計者Reiner Knizia所設計的紙牌遊戲,將這句諺語表現地淋漓盡致!玩家們都是廚師,正忙著使用同一個湯鍋完成各自的湯,大部分的玩家做的湯,可能在結束時是一整個大災難,但是,若你聰明地做決策並正確地出牌,你很有可能做出非常美味的湯!

 This is an English, Chinese bilingual edition. 這是中,英二語版。(Chinese)