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Toss Your Cookies 餅乾大戰
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Hungry for fun? Look no further than this outrageously delicious game of quick cookie collecting. Try to gather five of the same cookie by following the dice actions: Pass cookie cards to your neighbor, swap them with an opponent, or steal the milk card. Watch out for half-eaten cookies that will spoil your set. And if you roll "Toss All," get ready for an all-out cookie flinging frenzy! Be the first to get five of a kind plus the milk and you're one fortunate cookie.

Sometimes a game gets you with its name. Such is the case with Toss Your Cookies. Yet, behind the hilarious title is not just some half-baked card game but one that has all the ingredients that make a household classic. Between the yummy assortment of cookies and the crazy assortment of actions, this game will surely satisfy your appetite for fun. Oh - best of all - these cookies contain zero calories and don't leave any crumbs so you can enjoy them almost anywhere without feeling a pang of guilt. Just be sure to keep them away from Ralph the dog!


有時候,一個遊戲會讓你和它的名字聯想,就如同"餅乾大戰"這個遊戲。然 而,在這歡鬧的名稱後面,它不只是一個烤了一半的紙牌遊戲,它還有所有家喻戶曉的經典餅乾。在這有各式各樣的餅乾和五花八門的瘋狂行動之間,這個遊戲一定會滿足你渴求樂趣的慾望,最棒的是,這些餅乾是零卡路里的;別掉了任何的餅乾屑,你就幾乎可以在任何地方享用它們而不受罪惡感的折磨。請務必將餅乾遠離那隻叫Ralph的小狗。

*NOTE* This is an English, Chinese bilingual edition. 這是中,英二語版。(Chinese)