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News & Updates

  1. Carcassonne World Championship 2017

    19th July 2017

    Join the Carcassonne World Championship 2017 - Malaysia Qualifier for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to Germany, to compete with players around the world in Carcassonne World Championship 2017 Final at Internationale Spieltage (a.k.a. Essen SPIEL)!

    We are proud to be appointed by Spielezentrum HerneHans im Glück & Z-Man Games in bringing you the Carcassonne World Championship 2017 - Malaysia Qualifier14 Pre-Qualifier rounds will be held in 14 different locations across Malaysia starting from 29th July 2017.

    Do contact the respective Pre-Qualifier location(s) for registration and start brushing up your Carcassonne skills now!

  2. SPIELBOX® 2/2017 & 3/2017 Now Available!

    7th July 2017

    Grab your copies of Europe #1 Board Game Magazine at Meeples Cafe before they runs out!

    Spielbox® is the #1 board games magazine in Europe.  Over 30 years in print, it delivers info on the world of board and card games seven times a year. spielbox® is renowned for their detailed reviews by well-known game experts as well as for each issue including exclusive Games and/or expansions. spielbox® is a great magazine and a must for Board Game enthusiasts! 

    See full details of:
    - Issue 2/2017 here with FREE "Snow Algae" promo for "Terraforming Mars"
    - Issue 3/2017 here with FREE Player Aid/Action overview for "Ulm"

    More info on SPIELBOX® magazine here, or subscribe to our SPIELBOX ® Yearly Subscription (MY) @ 50% discount + FREE shipping NOW!

  3. Runewars Free Demo + Launch Adventure

    4th July 2017

    Play in the Runewars Free Demo + Launch Adventure Events at Meeples Cafe every Tuesday & Saturday this month!

    We invite all players to come out and participate in these Free Demo + Launch Adventure Events for Runewars Miniatures Game, an exciting new tabletop miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games, happening every Tuesday & Saturday in July at Meeples Cafe, starting on the 8th July 2017 onwards. There will be plenty of fun, discount and promo card prizes to go around for everyone.

    See you all on the Battlefield and Good Luck!

  4. End-June Shipment Arrived!

    29th June 2017

    Hi Gamers! All games in this list has arrived & all reservations are ready for collection! Game On! 🎲

    New titles include Unlock!, First Class, Power Grid: The Stock Companies, Cyclades: Monuments, Cartagena (2nd Edition), Bohnanza: The Duel, Yamatai etc. And popular restocks are Arkham Horror LCG, Citadels, Dominion, Tokaido, Tikal, Friday, Roll for the Galaxy and more!

    See the full list on our Facebook here.

    Feel free to email for reservations too!


  5. Salam Aidilfitri!

    23rd June 2017

    Wishing all our Muslim friends, gamers & partners a meaningful Raya with their loved ones and safe travels. Selamat balik kampung! Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

    *NOTE* Meeples Cafe will be open during the Raya holidays (off on Monday), you know where to go if u need some boardgame fix.



  6. Trial By Combat

    5th June 2017

    When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground. – George R.R. Martin

    For all new and aspiring players who want to try out some demo gameplay for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, feel FREE to join us at Meeples Cafe this coming Wednesday or Sunday for some great intro games, goodies, deals and much more!

    See full event details here: 7th June (Wednesday) or 11th June (Sunday).

  7. Runewars Demo Day

    31st May 2017

    Sound the Warhorns!

    Try out the brand new Runewars Miniatures Game for FREE at Meeples Cafe tomorrow or the coming Sunday!

    Full event details here.




  8. May '17 Shipment Arrived!

    23rd May 2017

    May '17 Shipment Arrived! Check out the details on our Facebook page here!

    New titles include Runewars Miniatures Game latest expansions, Codenames: Deep Undercover, A Feast For Odin, Netrunner LCG - Earth's Scion, Arkham Horror LCG - Undimensioned and Unseen & A Game of Thrones LCG - Guarding the Realm! Popular restocks are Catan, Mansions of Madness, Mysterium, Splendor, The Witcher Adventure Game, Seasons: Path of Destiny expansion and more!

    PS: All pre-orders/reservations are ready for collection too! Feel free to email to reserve your games if you haven't already done so!


  9. Swan Day @ Meeples Cafe!

    21st May 2017

    【Board Games ・Unlimited Play・Discount・Lucky Draw】【桌遊・暢玩・折扣 ・抽獎】

    We're pleased to invite you to the first ever Swan Day 天鵝日 event at MEEPLES!

    25 popular games from Swan Panasia will be available for everyone to play at only RM10 per pax, with UNLIMITED PLAY TIME! Also, everyone gets 20% off their purchase for any of these 25 games during this one-of-a kind event!

    Together with Swan Panasia 新天鵝堡桌遊 - 馬來西亞, we thank you for all your support & hope that you have LOTS OF FUN this coming Saturday!

  10. 8 Game Sets Added!

    11th May 2017

    These games are now available for play at Meeples Cafe! Come try them out!

    • Captain Sonar (2016 Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game)
    • Tigris & Euphrates (1998 Deutscher Spiele Preis Winner)
    • A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King
    • Rummikub (1980 Spiel des Jahres Winner)
    • My First Stone Age (2016 Kinderspiel des Jahres Winner)
    • Loot N Run
    • Saboteur: The Duel
    • CS-Files 犯罪現場 (TOP-10 Party Game on