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Steve Jackson (I)
Steve Jackson Games

Munchkin: Go Up a Level
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Starting in May 2010, Steve Jackson Games did a rework of the Munchkin line, to clear up some of the issues and imbalances that had come to light over the nine years since the original release of Munchkin.

For those who already own the numerous Munchkin sets and expansions, Munchkin: Go Up a Level contains 132 cards that have changed (updated). Of note:

  • Super Munchkin now works like Half-Breed, in that you can use it with only one class to have the advantages and none of the disadvantages.
  • The text of the Cheat! card is much more specific about when and how it can be used.
  • The Halfling and Gnome races no longer have run away penalties and have slightly different benefits.
  • The Wizard class's Charm ability requires that at least 3 cards be discarded.
  • Kneepads of Allure has been reintroduced to the set but is less powerful. You can no longer use it to gain the winning level.
  • Mate (and similar cards from other sets) now only apply to the monster's levels and monster enhancers -- other combat bonuses are not duplicated.
  • The awards/penalties for Duck of Earl have been changed significantly.

These are just the highlights -- quite a few other cards have been modified as well. 

*NOTE* This is not the full game, it is a supplement/revise cards for Munchkin line.