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Suggested Age:
10 and up
No. of Players:
3 - 6
Game Duration:
60 minutes
Andrea Angiolino, Bruno Faidutti, Alan R. Moon
Fantasy Flight Games

Isla Dorada
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Isla Dorada is an island shrouded in rumors of ancient treasure and curses, where you have come to seek your fortune. Along with a group of other explorers, you will travel across treacherous terrain by the island's native transport - canoe, yak, kamel, gonogo, and drako. Or you might even hire a zeppelin to fly across the island, hoping to bypass giant beasts and feared curses.

The explorers travel together, but each has their own secret objective. Each hopes to leave with more treasure than anyone else! To influence the group's direction, players will bid transport cards. Whoever wins the bid will move the group to their chosen location. Upon arrival at each new location, players will discover if it is treasure that awaits them... or a curse!