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12 and up
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3 - 4
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120 minutes
Klaus Teuber
Mayfair Games

Settlers of America: Trails to Rails
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Settlers of America: Trails to Rails is part of the Catan Histories series.

The essence of the game is that players initially populate the East Coast of the U.S. with their depots and use the resources they generate to build railroad tracks to the west, building new depots along the way. As you build, goods are made available to you from your personal display, and these goods must be delivered to depots owned by the other players. Thus, you need to both build and deliver in order to win.

Yes, Mayfair has crossed the streams of its two main product lines to deliver what might be referred to as “The Catan Train Game.”

One other interesting aspect of the game is that – somewhat in the manner of The Settlers of the Stone Age – as a player builds west he/she may build a depot in a hex that has no resource number. When this happens, they take a number chip from one of the existing hexes in the east to place on this hex, with the old hex having its production value degraded, mimicking deforestation or land going fallow.